The Best RapidShare Downloader


Efficiency And Performance:
Special implementation of Multi-Stream-Downloading. Faster than Rapget, Rapid Share Manager or others.

Instant Link checker:
When the links are added, automatic check of links is started (100 links/ 5 sec).

Free users support: 
Now you can automatically download from without premium account.

Instant Account Info: 
Account information (Login, RapidPoints, Expiration date, Traffic left + TrafficShare, Server time) is always visible.

Advanced account management: 
Advanced account management directly from the program as easy as click. You can change login, password or contact email directly from the program, send lost password,
lock/unlock your account by one click from program settings (SECURITY-LOCK). You can control Download Traffic Management, show download logs by IP, refferal logs free/premium points logs.

Complete web account management of your Rapid accounts: 
Integrated web UI in the program with AutoLogin function allows you one click login into your Rapid account withou leaving the program.

Speed graph, Premium account limit graph and free space disk graph (up to 12 HDDs)

Up to 8 simultaneous downloads.

No installation needed: 
You can use this program from flashdisk at school or work.

Account Management System: 
You can administer unlimited number of accounts. There is automatic switching between accounts when first account is exhausted.There is automatic switching between free and premium mod if needed.

Support for LinkList: 
You can use LinkList for adding many links via one short link. Only for not password secured rapidshare linklists.

You can easily schedule start and stop of download with action after download.

Clipboard monitor: 
You can activate clipboard monitor for automatic adding of links (via systray icon)

Support for archive passwords: 
You can easily store passwords for your archives (via context menu or directly in the table by clicking in the "Pwd" column).

Instant Chat System: 
You can chat with other users of Rapget.RS and with program technical support.

Instant RapidShare News: 
There is shown tab with original RapidShare news in the program.

Speed Limit: 
If required you can limit download speed.

Automatic archive extraction: 
Now you can manually or automatically extract downloaded RAR and ZIP archives within the program.

And many many more...

All functionality is provided by official RapidShare API with high security.